“Mrs. Becky Moe has been our child’s piano teacher since September, 2009 up to the present day. During this time, our child has flourished with the music and has improved the understanding and interpretation of piano music because of Becky’s efforts.
Becky demands excellence, and we concur because it is required to reach higher levels of performance.
We are supporting Mrs. Becky Moe wholeheartedly.”

Keith & Lorena Johnson, Aurora, CO

“We are writing this letter to thank you for the wonderful guidance and instruction you have provided to our daughter Olivia. You are an amazing piano teacher!!!
In a very short time you have transformed our home and made living in it much more pleasant. You may be asking yourself how that is possible, but we can assure you it is so. Just a few short months ago we had a piano in our home as a “decoration”. It sat there idly most of the time; never fulfilling its potential. Then to make matters worse Olivia discovered she had a love for music and would sit at the piano for what seemed hours as she would assault the keys and our ears with her “music”. But now, thanks to you, we actually enjoy listening to real piano music and songs we can actually recognize and to which we can sing along. It is glorious.
We were looking for descriptive words to include in this letter. So we first asked Olivia to provide us with some words to describe you and your teaching style. Olivia told us that Mrs. Moe is helpful, understanding, kind, nice, and flexible. As parents, we have found you to be professional, prompt, reliable, patient, skilled, effective, and gifted. You have a true knack for teaching piano. Olivia’s noticeable progress has been rapid. Your stepwise system and individualized curriculum has kept Olivia interested, enthusiastic, and motivated to practice and improve. Thank you very much.
Please feel free to use us as a reference at any time, as we would give you the most enthusiastic, sincere, and heartfelt recommendation to anyone seeking a truly excellent piano teacher for themselves or their child.”

Pam, Brad and Olivia Baptiste

“My 3 girls have been enjoying piano lessons with Mrs. Moe for almost 2 years.She has been patient and kind with each girl and helps and challenges them. Her home is warm and inviting, a perfect setting for learning. I highly recommend her.”

Kim Callaway

“I am writting this letter in reference to the piano lessons received from Mrs. Becky Moe to my daughter. In reality, what started out as simple piano lessons manifested into much more.
My daughter took lessons from Becky for many years. The lessons were always well planned and carried out. Becky is very organized individual. There is a lot of pride that goes into her teaching. The knowledge and expertise she has of the piano will not take long for one to realize.
Recitals were held twice a year. Especially on this day, it became evident that Becky held as much esteem and pride in the children as the parents. Along with the lessons, practicing is essential. Becky has this as an expectation. It is part of her plan of success for the child.
The desite for learning to play the piano has turned into a life long love of playing the piano for my daughter. It is so enjoyable to listen to her playing. Becky would be the choice if one wanted the best for their child.”

Pam Eberl

“Becky Moe is a fantastic teacher who is extremely dedicated to her work and her teaching. She encourages students to try different pieces that increase their abilities as they discover that they are capable of more than they initially realized. She is also extremely focused on developing technical skills and making sure that her students are polished. Friendly and encouraging, and also committed and serious, she teaches piano with energy and enthusiasm. My daughter has developed a wonderful relationship with Becky that she will cherish forever.”

Sue Glantz

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