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My students have the opportunity to earn several different awards each year, such as medals, certificates, ribbons and trophies, which always gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Theory Award
I participate in KITS (keynote independent theory service), which is a curriculum used across America. My students are provided with this curriculum based on their ability, which we work on each week throughout the year. Afterwards, during the months of April through August, they are tested on what they have learned at the point where they feel prepared. Each student’s score must be 90% or above to move onto the next level and be enrolled in the National Music Theory Honor Roll. At this time they are awarded a theory medal along with a certificate. Upon completion of step five they are given special awards.

Festival Award
Each year in April or May my students have the opportunity to participate in the DEMTA (Douglas Elbert Music Teacher Association) Festival. At this event they play two pieces by memory in front of a judge with the opportunity to receive an award ribbon for first, second, or third place, as well as a certificate.

Scholarship Award
Another opportunity at the event involves writing an essay expressing their feelings on, “why they are taking piano lessons?“ There is a cash reward given for the best essays.

Composition Award
This year we have a composition contest to celebrate DEMTA’S 20th anniversary. The winners will play at the Honors Concert one week after the festival.

Honors Concert Award
The Honors Concert would include those chosen by the judge from the festival. Each of these students receives a trophy.

Clef Award
Subsequently, there is a CLEF (Crowning Long-Term Excellence in Festival) award presented. This is a long-term award students can earn by accumulating a 1+, 1, or 1- rating each year following the number of years of performance in the DEMTA Festival. There is an award for performing 3 years, 5 years, 7 years, 9 years, and 11 years.

Performance Award
This award is achieved by accumulating points throughout the year following performances in public events. Each performance is worth 2 points. After accumulating 10 points a student receives a performance medal. Six points must be from DEMTA sponsored events. Some of these events include playing piano at retirement homes, hospitals, recitals along with other venues and events. My students seem to especially enjoy performing at retirement homes.