My name is Becky Moe. Coming from a poor Wisconsin farm family of 10, I felt privileged when my parents gave me the opportunity to take piano lessons at the age of 10. My mother didn’t drive and my father was quite busy supporting the family, so every Saturday I was more than happy to ride my bike 8 miles each way to my teacher’s home for lessons.

With nine siblings I didn’t get much individual attention at home, so my piano teacher became my mentor. I loved her dearly and looked up to her. Her name was Laura Lee Wichman, and she was the best thing that happened to me during my childhood. She would praise me, which made me practice even more. Sometimes I would practice three hours per day, especially in the summer. From the beginning I wanted to teach piano once I became older and Laura Lee would encourage me to do so. When I was seventeen Laura Lee moved out of the area. It broke my heart, but turned into quite a blessing when she gave me seven of her students. So, at the ripe age of seventeen, my teaching career had launched.

The next year I started college at the University of Wisconsin where I majored in music. Shortly afterwards I got married and my husband spent four years in the Air Force. During this time I did not have a piano until my wonderful father surprised me by bringing one to our apartment. Believe it or not, a neighbor, who saw the piano being delivered, came over and asked if I gave lessons. How great was that?

We later moved to Grafton, WI, where Laura Lee had moved a few years earlier. She encouraged me to continue my college education. So, I started attending Cardinal Stritch College taking one course at a time while raising two daughters. I later received my Bachelors of Arts in Music from California State University.

It is hard for me to believe, but it has been 46 years since Laura Lee gave me those seven students. I will never forget how excited I was at that time. Today, the passion I have to share and teach the joy of music has only grown.

Each year my students participate in two recitals, which I host in my home. It provides both growth, along with fun for each one of them.

I am a member of the Douglas County Music Teacher’s Association, along with the Colorado State Music Teachers Association.