piano lessons in monument

I have been teaching piano lessons in Monument area and Parker area for the past eight years in my home, while my entire teaching career spans 45 years. I teach all ages starting from beginner through late intermediate. My career objective has always been to share the joy of music with all that I teach by giving them a well-rounded education in music, enabling them to perform, compose, or simply having an appreciation for the musical arts.

I use many different method books. Also, I include theory and supplemental books to enhance their learning. If a student has a special interest in a piece I will do some research for that music in their level. I teach classical, pop, rock, or any type of music available. Having fun is important at the piano.

Doing duets with students is something they enjoy. Often I can get siblings to practice together on a duet and perform at recitals or for the community in some venue.

Christmas music is always fun. My students want to play it and perform whenever the opportunity arises during the Christmas season.

I want all my students to perform for others. That is the reason I have recitals and perform for the public when the opportunity arises.

I give two recitals in my home on a Saturday morning twice a year, which allows students and parents to meet each other. We have refreshments and punch after each recital. My students look forward to this time. My recitals are semi formal and the students look forward to dressing up.